The Beauty of African Clothing and Design

African fashion and clothing design have been embraced by western fashion due to its sophistication and creativity, which have been introduced by many great African designers. The uniqueness of their style lies in their creative garment designs which do not misplace its spirit, nature, and culture. There are so many distinctive aspects of African fashion design that makes it simply very original and incredible which brings a part of the unique African culture with every garment and design.

Most African fashion designers combine several styles and patterns through their detailed craftsmanship and then translate age-old colorful traditions into multiple layers of complexity. African prints and glamor are very popular amongst celebrities like Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey who deliberately like to wear African clothes created by famous designers.

Today, Afro-centric designs are sought after all over the world. African fashion style is closely attached to their roots and have the uniqueness to strongly entice you with their distinct simplicity and earthy appeal. Many designers are already showcasing their creations made from authentic African fabrics at renowned international fashion shows. These fashion and fabrics can be found at African clothing both offline and online all over the world and most especially in Europe and the United Kingdom. It is worthy of note that each fabric has its own unique story, symbolism, and history.

Today, African clothing design is highly impacted by western fashion, and therefore many designers have chosen to channel their curiosity for cultural diversity into their love for fashion. The depth of most of these colorful African designs makes the entire fashion industry more authentic and richer. In fact, most African garments showcase femininity and versatility, unlike most clothing that comes directly from popular fashion designers like Victoria Beckham and Emporio Armani.

African clothing design is not only about traditionalism because most designers have the ability to produce elegant attire for both men and women just by combining traditional fabrics and optical prints with a touch of different patterns to create new and unique design making a fuss in the fashion style.

Though many would say that African fashion and design leaves much to be desired, but it is interesting to know that the truth is totally different. Even if African fashion and designs approach mostly traditionalism, the designs are very popular, unique and bring a different note of beauty into today's fashion industry. While fabrics such as cotton are widely spread all over the world, more refined African clothing styles are worn by a large part of the world population, which makes them extremely unique and very popular.

There is, therefore, something very special and glamorous whenever you look at the African fashion designs and clothing, perhaps the uniqueness and the fact that it comes from a different culture and portrays different characteristics which make's it so easily recognizable. Whichever way you might want to look at it, African fashion industry is rapidly evolving, having a great potential to reach one of the top places worldwide. In our next articles we will provide lots of ideas of decoration or African fashion styles using the wax fabric or other African fabrics and textiles. Sign up to our newsletter to receive all our future articles.

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Alberte Touani