As a website owner, you may want to know how to get your website's use of cookies GDPR ( general data protection regulation) and ePR (ePrivacy regulation) compliant because according to ICO: '' You must tell people if you set cookies, and clearly explain what the cookies do and why. You must also get the user’s consent. Consent must be actively and clearly given.''

GDPR Services

Who is affected by GDPR?

Organizations based in the EU and outside of the EU providing goods or services to EU residents.

We have teamed up with a provider of a Cookies tool in order to help SMEs and Start-ups to implement a GDPR/ePR solution on their websites. If you want to make sure that your website's use of cookies is GDPR and ePR compliant, opt-in below to create your account and install our cookies tool (It's free for less than 100 subpages and 1 domain). If you need help with your cookies tool setting and installation on your website, request a quote at

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